Creativity: The Forgotten Superpower!

C is for Creativity (Part 3) .snoitulos dna saedi evitavonni dna ,snoitcennoc wen ,sevitcepsrep tnereffid ,detcepxenu eht segaruocne ytivitaerC. Take a moment to reflect how you feel about the first sentence. Some students would not enjoy the task at all and give up quickly. Some students would work harder. Creatively gifted students would embrace the […]

Creativity: Predictor of Career Success!

C is for Creativity (Part 2) Consider the following: Society, technology, and careers are evolving at lightning speed. Schools are preparing students for jobs that don’t even exist yet. Information and facts are instantly available on the internet. Computers and robots replace an ever increasing number of jobs. Competition for employment is at an all […]

Creativity: Lightning in a Bottle

C is for Creativity (Part 1) Creativity is one of the five areas mandated for gifted identification. In my mind, this talent is under-served and does not receive the cultivation and attention it deserves. This week, I will define creativity, explain how creativity is assessed in schools, and list common skills and attitudes of highly […]